Front Landscaping Packages

As part of Jinding’s vision to make Harriott a beautiful and sustainable community, we offer a FREE front landscaping package. Choose from four carefully designed gardens designed by landscape architects, Spiire. Each package features a selection of native plants, mulch and a feature tree. Lots with frontages of 12.5m or more will receive one deciduous and one evergreen tree.

The Landscape Process

Once your home is complete, follow these steps to arrange the installation of your front garden.

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1. Choose your package

Review Harriott’s range of front lot landscaping packages and choose your preferred design.


2. Complete the form

To submit your landscaping request visit Harriott’s Buyer Portal and complete the form before the cut-off date (30 June 2024). As part of this process, you will need to upload a copy of your certificate of occupancy.


3. We’ll be in touch

Once your request is received, Jinding will contact you to confirm your eligibility. After the cut-off date, Jinding will work with our landscaping team to prepare your garden install. This includes visiting your site, reviewing your
garden design, and procuring your plants and materials.


4. Site Inspection & Installation

Once we are ready, Jinding will contact you with details for your installation. Works will take place over a 2-week
period between 7am – 4pm. You will not be required to be at home during this time.


5. It’s all yours

After your front garden is installed, it’s yours to look after and maintain. Help your new plants flourish with regular watering, weeding, and pruning.

Frequently Asked Questions

From checking your eligibility to preparing your home for install and maintaining your new garden, here's some FAQs to help you prepare and keep your new garden looking great.


Before your installation

Looking after your new garden

Complete your Landscaping Request

When you’re ready to install your garden, complete the form to let us know. Your request must be received before the 30 June 2024 to be in the next batch of installations...

Closes 30th June 2024

Please ensure that you have read the Terms and conditions, prior to submitting your landscaping request.