Facade, Materials & Finishes

  • Home façades must incorporate a minimum of two and maximum of four materials or finishes. One material or finish may constitute up to 70% of the overall front façade.
  • The use of natural materials, non-reflective finishes and muted colours is encouraged. The main colours of the façade should be light, natural and earthy. Highlight materials such as timber or natural stone are encouraged to articulate design elements.
  • Bright or fluorescent colours will not be approved, unless they are deemed complementary to the design of the dwelling at the discretion of the DRP.
  • Homes may be approved with one material finish subject to design and architectural merit at the discretion of the DRP.
  • Homes must avoid replicating an identical façade to another dwelling within three lots in either direction on the same side of the street or within three lots on the opposite side of the street.
  • In the event that more than one application of the same façade design has been submitted for lots within close proximity, consent will be given to the first complete application to be received.

Articulation on corner lots

Design and articulation of corner lots must comply with the below controls;

  • A habitable room window must be provided to the secondary street frontage of your home within the first four (4) metres from the front façade. Highlight windows are discouraged.
  • Double storey dwellings must provide variation in materials between the upper and lower storeys to articulate the corner of both façades.
  • Design elements (such as verandas, detailing, feature windows and materials) used on the primary frontage must continue on that part of the secondary frontage visible to the public realm.
  • Double storey homes on corner lots must have a minimum 20% glazing to the upper floor that faces the secondary frontage, measured as an area of the upper floor wall elevation.
  • Highly reflective window tints are not permitted to publicly visible façades.
  • Lightweight infills are not permitted above any window openings along façades directly visible from the street or public open space. Infills are permitted above garage doors where the colour matches the garage door colour.
  • External security blinds and roller shutters are not permitted.
  • Front security doors must complement the style of the home and not dominate the façade.